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Pre-Design Consulting

Helping Churches determine their next steps of action in regards to Church Design, Interior Design, Floor Plan Development, or Construction. Then guiding actions to begin the design process. 

Information upfront helps prevent delays, unexpected costs, and hindrances in the future. 

Pre-Design Consulting: Services

Needs Assessment

Every Church is different and no one congregation functions the same. Therefore, through our personalized approach we know what questions to ask and how to help you navigate through a decision making process to help determine YOUR next step as a Church, whether it's renovation or building new.

Analyzing Graphs

Land/Property Feasibility Studies

Site selection is a crucial step for any Church looking at land or an existing space. Our Team will test the feasibility of a site or building, including adaptive reuse of existing spaces or other structures for ministry use.

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Facility Assessment

If you have an existing facility that is more than 20 years old, a thorough assessment may be necessary before any project. Our team can help determine if there are code and/or deferred maintenance issues on the site. Understanding these potential concerns upfront can help prevent costly surprises in the future.


Financial Analysis

Our team of consultants help determine what the Church can financial raise in a campaign, pay for in cash, and/or obtain in a loan. This provides a comprehensive look as to what the Church can budget on a project. Ultimately, this provides a clear path to employing principles of biblical stewardship and exploring funding options.

Business Meeting

Financial Institution Referrals

Lending Institutions are crucial in obtaining proper financing. We have developed a comprehensive list of trusted lending institutions that are ready to partner with your Church and provide reasonable rates based on your project and Church financial situation/history.

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Financial Lending Coordination

As a Financial Institution is selected, there are several documents that must be obtained and information compiled before a loan is secured. We know the right questions to ask and what information is necessary and how to present it to ensure the best outcome in securing financing.

Business Meeting

City/County Pre-Planning Meeting Coordination

Before launching into design the Church needs to know how City and/or County codes could affect their project. Knowing this information up front protects the Church and could affect the size or capabilities of the project. We handle the coordination and lead you through this process so all the information is at hand and we make effective decisions.

Business Conference
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