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Church Site Consultation

In an effort to support Churches during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are waiving our fees (Until 9/01/2020) for a Facility Site Consultation.

A Site Consultation is an extremely valuable resource for Churches to help determine their next steps and/or needs for a Facility or Campus-wide improvement. This process analyzes multiple components in an effort to provide an abundance of information to Church Leaders to make effective decisions. Essentially, the goal is to help Churches maximize the potential of existing structures for new or enhanced uses.

Included in a Site Consultation is:

- On-Site Walk-through with a Construction and Design Professional

- 7-10 page Report. Topics Include:

Leadership Questions and Comments

Vision and Goals

Existing Conditions

Opportunities for Improvement

Deferred Maintenance

Growth Opportunities

Overall Appearance

Campus Concerns


Next Steps

- Follow-Up Meeting with Church Leaders (Phone or Video Conference)

Contact Us to Learn More!

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