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5 Considerations for your New Construction Project

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

There are many considerations a Church should systematically approach when looking to build a campus, renovate, or expand. Typically, this is easier when utilizing a consultant or organization with experience in the field. But here are some of the consideration, you should contemplate as you start the process.


Questions help gain insightful information about the project. It is important to walk through those with the congregation and consultant (if available). Here are some examples below:

  • Do we need a new facility, or can we renovate or expand?

  • What is our maximum capacity on our property?

  • What are our goals for the facilities?

  • How much can we afford?


As you start, ensure there is a clearly defined purpose to build. It is crucial to understand the purpose and how it can help propel the gospel and reach the community. If the vision is distinctly outlined, it will help unite the congregation, gives them a sense of ownership, and contributes to its success.


There is a key to timing and construction which can be summarized in two words: be Realistic. There are multiple important factors to consider such as economy or ministry schedule. Also, ensure it is not rushed attempting to push for completion. When projects are rushed based on an unrealistic timeline quality decreases and mistakes increase. Additionally, delaying for perfect timing is a killer. It can kill momentum within the Church and discourage giving. Ultimately, do the necessary preparation work to start the project, take deliberate steps toward your goal, but set realistic timelines for the Church.


Costs are one of the most important considerations for a Church to think through. The major factor here is the same above: Realistic. Know what you can and cannot afford and consider all the costs involved. Here are some more factors below:

Determine the project cost vs. the construction cost. It is important to consider the hard, soft, and FFE cost.

  • Hard Cost- Construction, Labor Materials

  • Soft Cost- Professional Services (architectural, construction management, + engineering), Fees, and Permits

  • FFE Cost- Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

How are we going to pay for the project"

  • Loan

  • Cash

  • Combination


The style of a Church says a lot about the congregation of a Church and even how the Church operates. But it is important to have your facilities and campus reflect characteristics of the Church. Therefore, what style best fits the Church or what style does the Church want to adapt too? Typically, there are two designs aspect to consider: traditional vs. contemporary. However, they can look extremely different based on the core of the church, ministries, vision, and goals.

We would love to walk the journey of a new project with you. We have had the privilege of serving over 200 congregation from site consultations, master planning, to new construction projects. We partner with you from initial concept until you receive the keys!

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