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4 Construction Related Projects your Church should do during COVID

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Pastors are having mixed feelings when it comes to a construction project during the uncertain times of COVID-19. Some Pastors are waiting in fear to see how the pandemic will play out while several are leading in faith taking advantage of this time to upgrade their campus in preparation for return. Our goal with this Blog is to outline some potential projects that you should consider, and reasons why now is the optimal time to plan and execute.

Before we describe the 4 potential projects, let us identify 2 reasons as too why now could be the best time to start:

The building is empty (at least more than usual) and may be for some time.

One of the difficulties created during a renovation and/or expansion is how it affects space. It can cause the congregation to be displaced or major inconveniences. But now, mostly everyone is inconvenienced by staying at home. Which, in result, creates opportunity for us to make changes without the extra hassle of working around specific days or on-campus ministry activities.

Interest Rates are low

We are seeing interest rates decrease making lending more favorable to borrows. At this time, the interest rate is low compared to previous years meaning borrowing now could save a large sum of money in interest payments alone.

Questions on Cash vs. Loan for the Church- Check out this Blog Here

We completely understand the logic behind postponing a project for your Church. But there are certain timeless facility/campus trends that will be constant through this pandemic. Therefore, capitalizing on these improvements ensures that upgrades today will not affect the future of your Church planning efforts.

Stage Remodel

The stage helps set the tone for worship and is a tool that helps delivery of a message or create the atmosphere for worship. If your stage is outdated, limited in technology, has bad lightning, or just needs an upgrade this may be the best time to make those adjustments. In fact, this improvement would even benefit the online services which will likely continue when in person services resume.

Worship Remodel

This extends beyond the stage and into the seating of the sanctuary. With worship being remote or limited in capacity, improving the seating, lighting, carpet, or fixtures makes sense during these times.

Foyer Expansion or Update

Large foyers have become a major asset for congregations serving as a place for gathering, fellowship, and coffee before worship. However, some Churches may only have a small lobby from the front door to the worship entrance while others may only have hallways. Large foyers are a trend not going anywhere. Whether we need the space for gathering, passing out information, pedestrian circulation, or social distancing the more space the better.

Cosmetic Updates throughout

Our Church facility is important, we may not need high end fixtures throughout, but we should have a campus that reflects care and intentionality. If your campus is outdated or needs a breath of new life, now is the perfect time to update flooring, paint, restrooms, ceiling tiles, or any other antiquated space on the campus.

It is important to take this time to reflect on improving your campus. Also, these recommendations do not necessarily have to be expensive. In fact, there are several cost-efficient measures a congregation can take to improve their campus. We would recommend having a professional come in with a fresh set of eyes and look at the campus from a different perspective.

In an attempt to serve Churches during this stressful time, we are waiving our fee for a site consultation (see highlights of a Site Consultation below). We know there will be a new normal but several aspects of the old ways of doing things will transition. Church will resume services, people will congregate again, and Churches will be filled.

Site Consultation:

On Site Assessment by two Team Members

Complete campus walk through with Construction and Planning Professionals

Written Report

Typically, 5-7 pages with guided next steps

Follow-Up Meeting (Phone or Video Conference)

Discuss Report and address questions

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