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10 Common Mistakes- Church Safety + Security

Having visited several dozen Churches in relation to Security, our team has had the opportunity to see the Good and Bad. Based on those conversations and observations, we have compiled a list of 10 Common Mistakes that Churches have made:

- Only focusing on an Active Shooter situation

- Only including LTC holders on the Team

- Not conducting background checks

- Not implementing protocols in the Children's Area

- Not planning for medical emergencies

- Not developing a "Flip Book" style Critical Incident Management Plan

- Not securing the offices during the week

- Not analyzing the offering procedures

- Not asking for professional help

- Doing Nothing

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down each of the 10 common mistakes in more details. But, we would gladly walk through or discuss any of the topics above with you specifically. Whether it's managing push back from the congregation who want to do nothing or walking through any of the topics above we would love to partner.

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