Church security during riots and civil unrest

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT political. Please keep reading. What a week it has been. Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably been bombarded with news of the killings of unarmed persons of color at the hands of police officers. And, I'm sure you have seen coverage of protests and riots around the U.S. in response to those killings. But, like our disclaimer says, this post is not political. This post is not about Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter or All

Are your ministries aligned with your mission?

Every church probably has a vision and / or mission statement. We won't get too far into the weeds on the difference in a mission and vision statement, but suffice it to say every church needs some kind of guiding statement or document that clearly defines who it is, why it exists, and how it intends to achieve its goals. The vision and mission statements should guide EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY AND PROGRAM in that church. If it doesn't align with your vision and mission, you shoul

Reopening your facilities

So, you want to reopen your facility now that the Stay At Home orders are being lifted. What does that look like? You may want to hire a consultant, a set of outside eyes, to help you evaluate your facility and offer some guidance. A good consultant can help you: Assess and analyze occupancy and space utilization. Plan for social distancing and sanitization Coordinate pedestrian circulation and flow Adapt flexible spaces for safe, multi-functional use Direct signage wording a

Hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints

Whether you attribute the saying to St. Augustine or St. John Chrysostom in the 4th - 5th centuries, Abigail Van Buren in the 20th century, or Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers, the assertion that the church should be a "hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints" rings true throughout the ages. Churches are called to minister to the least, the last, and the the margins of society. Too often, our churches become country clubs or museums for the saints rather than ho