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Do you need a Construction Manager?

Churches are working within tight budgets. We get that. But, there are some circumstances where spending a little bit of money on the...

Don't Keep Your Budget A Secret

Several years ago, my employer asked me to be a Project Manager / Owner's Representative for a large construction project. The...

Gain some perspective

Churches need to step back, gain a new perspective, and see the fullness of the reality of their circumstances.

Dealing with dysfunction in your team

The most frequent underlying cause of disunity on a church staff or within a leadership team is lack of shared vision and purpose.

One body

One of the things we encourage in every church we work to examine how the ministry of the church fits into the one body.

Tracking your money

How you handle the money entrusted to you for Kingdom work says a lot about how you view this sacred function.

Beyond the shooter

We get requests for church security assessments on a weekly basis. Many churches realize that they must start thinking about safety and...

What kind of leader are you?

Leadership has as many different definitions as there are people trying to define it. Many theories have emerged as to what makes a good...

To open, or not to open: that is the question

One of the biggest decisions facing church leaders today is whether to open their churches for in-person worship, and, if so, what...

Now is the time for a security assessment

If you read through our posts, you will find several on Church Security. The first step in evaluating and improving your safety ministry...

Leadership in COVID-Crisis

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.

Church Site Consultation

In an effort to support Churches during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are waiving our fees (Until 9/01/2020) for a Facility Site...

Considerations when Planning to Build

One of our partnered organizations, Insurance One, developed a great article for Churches that are planning to build. Below is a...

Background Checks are a MUST- Why, Who, How Often

Contents of this Blog was provided by Insurance One In today’s society it is the Churches obligation to take every step to help provide a...

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